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Jacob G. Weintraub, Esq.                              

Senior Counsel


Graduating cum laude from Suffolk University Law School, Mr. Weintraub has over 17 years of experience in drafting and prosecuting both U.S. and foreign patent applications, preparing opinions, and counseling both small and large clients on a range of strategic intellectual property issues. In particular, Mr. Weintraub has acquired expertise in the preparation of patent strategy for start-up and established companies, academic institutions, and solitary inventors, including the construction and evaluation of patent portfolios, and the establishment of validity/infringement opinions. Mr. Weintraub brings enthusiasm and creativity to his practice, which has had a focus in pharmaceuticals; small molecules, including polymorphs, co-crystals, and other molecular complexes; life cycle management considerations (both patent and FDA related); instrumentation; social networking; web-based services; web applications; mobile device applications; wireless grid technology; general software protection; and all related hardware, as well as the aesthetic appearance of items such as apparel; furniture; instruments; and accessories.

Mr. Weintraub was previously a senior patent attorney in the Global Intellectual Property Department of a major international pharmaceutical company.  Prior to joining this global in-house team, he practiced in the Boston office of an international general practice law firm as a senior associate in the Intellectual Property Group.  The years preceding this, Mr. Weintraub practiced patent law at a leading Boston-based patent boutique law firm.  


Computer Experience: Mac and PC computer applications including: Microsoft et al., Chemdraw, Isis Draw, STN Structure Searching, SciFinder Scholar, Beilstein, and Bruker Icon NMR.

Instrumentation/Techniques: NMR for 19F, 13C & 1H analysis; GPC/HPLC; Preparative HPLC; LC/MS; MALDI-TOF MS; IR; UV-Vis Spectrophotometer; CD Spectrapolarimeter; Polarimeter; Peptide Synthesizer

Diversification of Studies: Biochemistry, Bioorganic, Genetics, Neuroscience, Proteins, Mechanistic Enzymology, Geology, Astronomy, Mathematical Logic, and Object Oriented Programming.



Massachusetts Bar, Registered to Practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Peabody Veterans Memorial High School Valedictorian

Massachusetts Bar Association

American Bar Association

American Intellectual Property Law Association

American Chemical Society

Bausch & Lomb Award as Top Science Student in Graduating Class

Dartmouth Bowl Award as Top Combined Math/Science Student in Graduating Class



Undergraduate Studies: Sc.B. in Chemistry (with honors) from Brown University. 

Coincident work experience: R&D labs of artificial blood product company and polymer/adhesive/coatings company

Graduate Studies: M.S. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from The Ohio State University. 
Research focused on dendrimers: "Rigidification and Catalysis of Dendrimers Using Unsymmetrically Branched Dendrons," and included the development of synthetic chemistry to achieve fourth generation dendrimers and using such dendrimers to induce chirality into certain asymmetric chemical reactions.

Industry Experience: Sr. Research Associate at start-up Pharma Company in Cambridge, MA.
Used solid phase chemistry to develop contrast agents.

Technology Familiarity:

(i) Experienced In Most Technologies

(ii) Experience In Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Related Devices.

Including (a) pharmaceutical chemistry/drugs for small startups and big pharma; (b) polymer chemistry, e.g., conductive polymers, separation polymers; (c) vitamin D chemistry; (d) protein chemistry, such as active site targeting or biological production of small molecules; (e) fuel cell/battery chemistry (f) fluoro polymer chemistry and related reactions; (g) biofuel chemistry/physics; (h) screening assay technology for high throughout, based on binding assays or other unique functional testing in sleep technology; (i) cell cycle modifiers; (j) nutritional supplements, including baby food additives; as well as (k) a variety of high-technology for smaller startups and university clients.

(iii) Experience In Software and Related Hardware

Including (a) social networking; (b) web-based services; (c) web applications; (d) mobile device applications; (e) wireless grid technology; (f) general software protection; and (g) all related hardware.

(iv) Experience in Design Patents

Including aesthetic appearance of items such as (a) apparel; (b) furniture; (c) instruments; and (d) accessories.



Pamela C. Ball, Ph.D.

Senior Patent Agent


Ms. Ball is a talented and experienced scientist and registered U.S. Patent Agent.  Graduating with high honors from the University of Dayton with a BS degree in Biology, Ms. Ball continued her study of the biological sciences, obtaining a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Ms. Ball transitioned from the laboratory to pursue interests in the patenting and protection of scientific discoveries.  She has over 10 years of experience drafting and prosecuting both US and foreign patent applications, educating clients on patent law, and counseling in-house clients with regard to patent strategy and documentation of inventions.  Ms. Ball has experience drafting applications directed to transgenic plants and methods of detecting transgenes, mechanization tools for simplifying aspects of plant transformation, devices for implanting slow release drug formulations, RNA silencing, and small molecule and peptide pharmaceutical compounds, compositions and uses.

Ms. Ball worked at the bench at Proctor & Gamble, Curagen and DeKalb Genetics/Monsanto.  She was a Post Doctoral researcher at the University of California, San Diego and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Ms. Ball transitioned into IP in the Intellectual Property group at Monsanto; and subsequently took her years of experience into the IP groups of both Biomeasure and Ipsen Pharmaceuticals, prior to joining JWIP.   



 Diversification of Studies: Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Genetics, Peptides, Proteins, Pharmaceuticals, Nucleic Acids, RNA Recombination, RNA Silencing, Plant Transformation, Plant Virology and Biochemistry.



National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research, Graduate Studies Award
Outstanding Senior Biology Student (University of Dayton)



Undergraduate Studies: B.S. Biology, University of Dayton (summa cum laude) 

Coincident work experience: Determination of the effect of the heavy metal cadmium upon meiotic non-disjunction; prepared laboratory for Genetics labs; lectured undergraduate laboratory classes.

Graduate Studies: Ph.D. Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Research: RNA recombination – An analysis of the sequences and structures required for the replication driven recombination of RNAs associate with Turnip Crinkle Virus; lectured for Biology 101 laboratory classes. 

Industry Experience:

Proctor & Gamble: technician in the Environmental Safety Department determining the biodegradability of select detergent and softener compounds in various biological compartments.  Also studied the chemotaxis of microbes towards or away from select detergent compounds.

University of California, San Diego, Post Doctoral Fellow:  study of genes involved in floral development, particularly AGAMOUS and proteins binding to the promoter region of the gene.

University of Massachusetts, Post Doctoral Studies:  identification of genes involved in the programmed cell death of insect muscle cells; demonstrated role of 3’ UTR regions in regulating presence or absence of mRNA during programmed cell death.

Curagen Corporation: identification of genes involved in disease progression, supervisor to two laboratory technicians.

DeKalb Genetics:  established Quality Control group to monitor the presence and absence of transgenes in corn plants; assay development; transitioned growth of group from smaller to larger laboratories; introduction of novel technologies (such as TaqMan) for identification of transgenes; Group Leader to eight scientists.

Monsanto Corporation: acted as Patent Scientist liaison between attorneys and scientists; oversaw prosecution of historic DeKalb docket with regard to corn transformation; passed Patent Bar to become Registered Patent Agent; performed Competitive Intelligence surveys; responsible for adherence to record keeping policies.

Biomeasure/Ipsen Pharmaceuticals:  registered Patent Agent responsible for preparation and prosecution of patent applications (U.S. and ex-US); client education; education of administrative assistant/paralegal to prepare IDS documents and Sequence Listings, FTO and due diligence determinations.

Technology Familiarity:

(i) Experience in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals
Including (a) small molecule, peptide and protein pharmaceuticals; (b) cloning and altering genes; (c) various methods for the manipulation of DNA and RNA; (d) preparation of transgenic plants; (e) plant virology and pathology; (f) development of screening assays including various PCR techniques; (g) high throughput screening.