We offer the following services/programs:

  • General Intellectual Property Legal Counsel

  • Specialized In-House Consulting Services: Temporary to Permanent IP Counsel

  • Fixed-Fee Services

Specialized In-House Consulting Services

General Intellectual Property Legal Counsel


We offer "Big Firm" quality at reasonable rates for advice and work related to IP strategy, IP opinions, patent drafting, patent prosecution, and transactional deals.  Moreover, through our network of colleagues in related industries, we offer the convenience of “one-stop shopping” for your legal needs.


Let us take your technology to the next level.  While we specialize in technical patent applications, our deep understanding of patent law allows us to take on any type of invention-- If you have an idea, we can help you obtain a patent in the U.S., and throughout the world.



Your branding, while offering protection just by its mere use, can be reserved throughout the U.S. by applying for a trademark at the USPTO, and around the world.  Trust us to help protect the brand you have worked so hard to establish.



 Like trademarks, formal registration is not required.  Simply by fixing your creative form of expression to a tangible medium is sufficient to offer copyright protection.  However, registering your copyright provides advantages, particularly during enforcement of your copyright and damages obtainable for infringement.  Let us help you register your copyright for your literary work, musical composition, photos, software, drawing, or audio recording, in the U.S., and around the world.  We can also assist you in determining whether you are legally using the copyright of another within the exceptions afforded by the “fair use” doctrine.


Is your idea worth keeping secret? Let us help you decide whether the exchange of patent rights is worth letting the whole world in on your secret.  If you decide to keep it a secret, we can advise you as to what overt steps need to be taken.


At JWIP we offer uniquely specialized IP consulting services that provide (1) in-house type coverage to those companies that may need temporary assistance or may not be able to afford the cost of a full-time IP Attorney, or (2)  IP coverage for law firms that require additional short or long term assistance due to extra heavy workloads.

          In-House Consulting Specialists

At JWIP we are experienced in a variety of roles: from in-house to big general practice firms to patent boutiques.  We understand the needs of each, and the levels of procedure required.  By working at your site multiple days per week, and with minimal effort on your part, we will seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure so that you are provided the most work product and support for your money.

Job Searches

Let us afford you the time you need to make the correct choice of a permanent employee without the pressure of the building work forcing quicker employee selection.  In this market, companies are being inundated with resumes from an increasing candidate pool; and as such, searches can last six months to a year. 

 Don’t let the work pile up! Enlist our in-house counsel services for short to long term periods while you are searching for the right fit for your company.

 At the end of the term, we will help transition any new hires into your company by freely imparting our knowledge of your operations and the current role that we are covering; allowing the new hire to immediately step into the role and make the desired impact.

Extended Leave of Absence

We can offer reasonably priced temporary coverage for extended leaves of absence, like maternity, paternity, or illness/injury.              

Discounted Rates for Long Term Commitments

We offer discounts up to 30% based on the length of the term of commitment.

JW   & Patent Services, LLC    


Understanding the POWER of IP



We have years of experience in negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts of all types, including:

         ·        Non-Disclosure Agreements/Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (NDA/CDA)

         ·        Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

         ·        Licensing Agreements


If appropriate, and we can suggest ways for you to “do it yourself” with limited guidance from JWIP under our Limited Assistance Program.  In the Limited Assistance Program, we offer you the appropriate guidance and opportunity to perform certain amounts of work on your own to reduce costs associated with filing and prosecuting a patent application.

Not sure if your invention has been patented by someone else?

Let us use our experience to perform web-based searching and a review of the publicly available databases at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (3-4 hours).  At the conclusion of the search, we will offer you a brief analysis of our findings as it relates to your invention.  For this service we will charge you a fixed fee of $600.

fixed fee services